Ryalto welcomes new NHS wellbeing strategies

The team at Ryalto is delighted to see NHS Trusts across the UK launch innovative schemes to better manage staff wellbeing, stress levels and work-life balance (as highlighted in The Guardian). From personal leadership experience within the NHS and now, as a people-focussed partner, we’ve long believed that people who are cared for, care better. Feeling engaged, recognised and valued is fundamental to driving excellent patient services and outcomes.

The article cites a 100,000 staff shortage, causing an acute crisis in the NHS. We know this is as much a retention issue as a recruitment one.  We’re losing people – in droves – “from the bedside”. Fewer people than ever before are looking to work at the NHS. With high stress levels, lack of flexibility, underappreciation, feelings of disempowerment, and a culture of disconnect and bullying, people are either not returning after maternity leave, taking early retirement, or simply leaving altogether.

It’s great to see different Trusts take a multi-pronged approach to tackle these issues, on the path to becoming better employers:

  • Introducing wellbeing initiatives such as yoga, pilates and mindfulness classes to boost health alongside a “take a break” culture.
  • Creating more effective communication across and within Trust teams.
  • Exploring more flexible working patterns – from part time through to term time hours.
  • Encouraging more transparent conversations around mental health.
  • Looking at ways to reduce financial pressure on staff – from financial education to free parking.

Ryalto CEO Katrina Percy said, “We’re huge advocates of addressing staff wellbeing and paying attention to their needs. It’s a cliché but nurses, doctors, healthcare assistants, simply can’t pour from an empty cup. Wellbeing is a major issue that needs to be prioritised – whether it’s taking time out for team building activities, improving internal communications and engagement, offering flexible working, or encouraging downtime.”

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